Plus Size Swimsuits to Hide Belly Pooch

Plus Size Swimsuit to Hide Tummy: 6 Best Ones

Are you looking for the best plus-size swimsuits to hide your belly pooch? Relax, if you are a little on the heavy side of the scales, we have your back.

We are going to show you how you can look fly on the beach and around the swimming pool with the best swimwear for plus-size ladies.

And… even if you have love handles and a large bust, we have done the footwork for you, and we bring you the best swimsuits for sagging breasts.

In this blog, we look at the best swimming attire for everyone, including men, women, and children. In another post, for instance, we saw the best swim trunks for love handles.

As you grow older, your body starts to lose muscle and accumulate more fat. Most of this fat is stored around the belly, giving you a belly pooch.

But don’t let this make you miss out on the swimming season. Get the best swimsuit with tummy control. Also, read our post on how to wear a swimsuit if you are plus size.

1. Yonique Plus-Size Tankini Swimsuits for Women


This swimsuit for plus-size women is such a cool outfit. It comes with a buckle, a tie and straps for closure, so it will stay intact on your body even when you engage in vigorous water activity.

If you check the Yonique Store on, you will see that this brand name is mostly dedicated to helping plus-size women who love swimming find their sweet spot. It makes incredibly stylish swimsuits for such women.

This swimsuit comes in the style of a tankini top and boy shorts that cover a lot of flesh. The tankini top has a built-in padded bra. If you have a large bust, this is going to help hold everything in place very well.

The flowy design of the tankini top makes you look slim. If you are really plus size, you should get one with neutral or solid colors. If you want to hide your protruding belly, this is the bathing suit to go for.

If you have flabby skin on your thighs, get this suit. The bottom shorts are long enough to cover a lot of skin. They are also comfortable to wear longer in the swimming pool or on the beach.

This plus-size swimsuit is comfortable and breathable. It is made of a blend of 85% polyester and 15% spandex. You can wear it for long hours in summer, and when you wash it, it dries super quickly.

2. DOKOTOO Swimsuit with plus size shirts to hide stomach


if you look at the DOKOTOO swimsuit for women, you will notice something unique about it. It looks like a real top! It is so stylish you can wear it in and out of the water.

You can even wear it with real shorts and go to town. In the same way that people wear, I pee in pools t-shirts and tankini tops, you could wear this one too as it covers a lot of skin.

The loose-fitting design makes it just perfect for women who want to hide a belly pooch. The shoulder straps themselves are quite wide, so you never feel them cutting into your flesh.

The manufacturer has used nylon and spandex in a ratio of 82% and 18%, respectively. The fabric feels smooth on the skin. It also stretches well without losing any of its firmness.

The bottom is not just a plain, high-waisted swimming bikini. Rather, it comes with good tummy control. If you are afraid of your love handles rolling out all over the place, it just won’t allow that.

3. UNIQWETO plus-size swimsuit to hide tummy


The floral design of the UNIQWETO swimsuit with tummy control for women makes it look so good.

Having tummy control means it is going to control your love handles and belly pooch very well. If you buy a fitting size, this set is going to make your curves stand out just so perfectly.

To enhance the quality of this swimsuit, the manufacturer has used 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex. Nylon can resist damage from Chlorine. This material is also breathable enough and very comfortable on the skin.

The boy short bottoms hide quite a lot. They are perfect for people wondering how to wear a bikini without showing pubic hair. It is going to cover a lot!

The bikini set comes true to size. Thus, you should order your real size, lest it run too big or too small.

The top of this swimsuit retains its structure and integrity very well over time. It is not going to become extra large with time. It will stay in great shape for years.

4. Septangle Vintage One-Piece Plus Size Swimdress  


Swimdresses look very flattering on plus-size women. They are designed that way to cover as much skin as possible. This one from Septangle is not any different. It is perfect for a person who doesn’t want to show a lot of skin.

It has a V-neck design, making it super comfortable and more flattering than a round neck.

The top is also integrated with padded bra cups to hold your twins in their place as you swim or run. The shoulder straps are wide and comfortable, so you will never feel them biting into your skin.

You will also enjoy the tummy-controlling lining. It makes you feel really snug as you stroll on the beach. The bottom is equally well designed, and it will stay in place very well, even when you undertake rigorous beach activity.

This curvy swimsuit comes true to size, so make sure you know your size well before ordering it. You will also find it easy to get into and out of.

The material used is nylon and spandex, which makes it really fast-dry. It is also easy to wash, but it is a bit unfortunate that you cannot toss it into the washing machine. The manufacturer says you should only hand-wash it.

5. CUPSHE plus size swimsuit to hide tummy

plus size swimsuits to hide belly pooch


What is better than a swimsuit with a ruched design to hide belly pooch? This one has an extra-large top but it is hard to tell because of the ruche (those elastic horizontal ruffles at the mid-belly area).

It is made of 82 percent nylon and 18 percent spandex, which makes it stretchy enough. It is specifically made with curvy women in mind, to bring out their sexiness and to give them confidence at the swimming pool and at the beach.

To support your breasts, the swimsuit is made with removable bra cups. It does not have a high-back design, so it leaves a lot of skin exposed in the back. If you want a tan on those shoulders and back, this is the swimsuit to go for.

It has a V-neck design in the front, and it has wide and comfortable loose ends that you can tie around your neck to secure it. That is all. It does not have shoulder straps that could dig into your flesh.

6. FlatterMe Plus Size Swimsuit to hide belly pooch


If you are a plus-size woman, flatter yourself with this stunning swimsuit that hides the belly pooch from the FlatterMe brand name.

The stripes run downward and diagonally, so they make you look slimmer than you really are. They also enhance your angles and curves.

The suit comes with removable padding in the chest area to keep you comfortable the entire time. This is a multi-purpose suit for beach parties, swimming, sailing, and many other purposes. It is so comfortable that you can wear it for the most vigorous water adventure.

By design, you will notice that this swimsuit is not ruched at the waist, and some people complain that the material is too thin. Also, the back of this one-piece swimsuit is designed with multiple straps, which look really stylish.

Please note that this swimwear for curvy women does not have tummy control. You will be counting on the stripes to make you look slimmer.

How do you hide a big stomach in a bathing suit?

It all comes down to the type of swimsuit you buy. First, it must not be too small or too large. Too small and it won’t hide your belly pooch, and too large and it will look ridiculous on you.

Try to choose solid colors because such are more flattering to plus-size people. Also, if you must do stripes, make sure they are vertical or diagonal, but never horizontal.

Horizontal stripes make a person appear short and fat. Vertical stripes make a person appear tall and thinner. Illusions!

Be sure to choose a good material blend like polyester and spandex swimsuits or nylon and spandex. These materials cannot be damaged in saltwater or chlorine pools.

Pick a swimsuit that has a ruche in the belly area. The ruched design hides the belly protrusion very well, enhancing your self-esteem a great deal.

Consider the bottom design keenly. If you have a belly pooch, it could also mean you have large thighs with some flabby skin. Therefore, you want a swimsuit that has boy short bottoms as they cover more skin.

While such shorts will not hold everything as firmly as swim shorts with compression liners would, they are still very good for hiding as much flesh as possible.

What is the best swimsuit to hide belly pooch?

This swimsuit must come with specific design factors. For instance, a swimsuit with a ruched design is better than one without.

The ruffles on the belly area make the swimsuit look really good and flattering. It also accommodates any belly protrusions while still looking chic and sexy.

A one-piece swimsuit is definitely better for a big belly than a two-piece swimsuit for curvy ladies.

Some siwmsuits come with integrated tummy control. Such are better than swimsuits that have a thin material for the belly area.

Mostly, the tummy control factor is in the high-waist design of the bottoms, which can keep the belly pooch tucked away neatly.

While the swimming attire for males lack this kind of function, women’s swimwear comes with the luxury.

In this case, you could go for the UNIQWETO swimsuit with tummy control. The boy shorts are incredible and the swimdress looks so good on any woman. The flowy design of the swim dress captures all of the attention while hiding a large belly nicely.

Wrapping Up

There are hundreds, probably thousands of plus size swimsuits to hide belly pooch. Thus, choosing the best one can be hard for the first time.

Just start with the swimsuits that have tummy control, usually in the form of high-waist shorts, and flowing swim dress do everything to hide the belly. A good swimsuit not only looks good on you but it boosts your confidence and esteem.

Pick your colors carefully. Solid colors look awesome on anyone, but prints do really make you stand out. For stripes, get the vertical ones because they make you look slimmer and taller.

Our number one recommendation for a plus size swimsuit that hides belly pooch is the Yonique Plus Size Tankini Swimsuits for Women that you can buy on It has everything you need to keep your bust, tummy and thighs in place.

It is best to order two or more swimsuits if you are plus size. Wearing one continuously might make it lose its shape. With two or more, you can exchange them.

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