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What Type of Swimwear Can You Wear in Dubai?

Swimming in Dubai is one of the most exhilarating experiences in this city. However, if you are visiting the city for the first time, you might wonder: Can you wear a swimsuit in Dubai?

And this is a credible question because, in the Middle East, the rules for what to wear, what not to wear, what to drink, and what not to wear are a bit stricter than we have been used to back home.

In another article, we looked at the Saudi Arabia Beaches Dress Code. We saw what you can wear and what you should not wear to a public beach.

It is in the same spirit that we set out to find out whether you can wear a swimsuit in Dubai and other related matters. Keep reading!

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Can you wear a bikini in Dubai?

Can you wear a swimsuit in Dubai

Of course, swimming in Dubai is one of the most popular pastimes, and the good news is that yes, you can wear a bikini on the beach.

You can also wear a swimsuit, which would be perfect to hide love handles. Also, you can wear swimwear around the hotel swimming pool.

There is really no restriction on what you can wear around the beach and swimming pools. However, as an unspoken rule, you might want to wear a bikini with more coverage as opposed to what a woman in Brazil would wear.

Again, no one will come to tell you to do this, but it is just that in different parts of the world, people wear different types of swimwear.

When choosing what to wear on the beaches of Dubai, please remember the conservative culture of the region.

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While the Emiratis are used to seeing all manner of foreigners, there might be people from more conservative countries, such as Saudi Arabia. It is out of respect for them that you should wear a more “decent” bikini.

At the same time, keep your swimwear confined to the beach or your hotel swimming pool area. Do not walk in the streets in scanty dressing.

While men can sunbathe topless on the beach with just a pair of swimming trunks on, for women, this is not allowed.

Bottom-thong bikinis are also not allowed.

Where can you go swimming in Dubai?

First, Dubai is a beach-goer’s paradise. In addition, almost every hotel has a swimming pool, so if you are not too sure about swimming in the sea, you can just swim in the hotel’s pool.

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The swimming pools are well maintained in the hotels, with safety personnel around the pool all the time.

You can also swim in the sea. There are public beaches such as Kite Beach, which is located very close to the Burj Al Arab.

There are so many food outlets on the beach, so you can have snacks when you feel hungry from playing your water sports. You can fly kites, play beach volleyball, and swim.

There is also the Beach JBR which is located next to the Dubai Marina. Here, you will get incredible sunset views.

There is also a long promenade of shops and eateries, so you can have lovely snacks after enjoying yourself in the water. There is also a small game arcade.

People ask: Are there private beaches in Dubai? Yes, there are many. You can start with Mercato Beach. It is a bit scanty, but it is not crowded, and you can have fun in the water and on the sand.

How much do private beaches cost in Dubai? The price varies from one establishment to another. However, for most of them, the price is 150AED for adults, 75AED for children above 6 years of age, and free entrance for all kids below 6 years.

Can you swim in the Dubai Aquarium?

For a fee, you can get the most exhilarating experience swimming among sharks and other types of fish in the Dubai Aquarium.

Swimming with different marine animals is the dream of every adventurer. In another article, we looked at how to snorkel with turtles in Hawaii.


Image of How much is swimming Dubai

In the Dubai Aquarium, you are going to get the opportunity to swim with more than 33,000 species of sea animals.

There are dive instructors in the aquarium. Thus, you can be sure that you are in safe hands all the time.

Is the Dubai Aquarium free? It is not. The charge is 145 AED for a complete tour. You will see the Aquarium Tunnel, Underwater Observatory, Underwater Zoo, Aquarium Glass Bottom Boat, and Submersible Simulator.

As you can see, this price is for other fun activities except swimming with sharks in the aquarium. To dive with sharks, you will be required to pay 750 AED. Since diving is challenging, you should show your diving certification.

If you are not trained as a diver, you will first have to take a diving course with Al Boom Diving. After that, you will enjoy a great time in the aquarium.

In the entire Dubai Mall, the Dubai Aquarium is one of the biggest attractions.

Is the sea in Dubai warm?

If you would like to go for some open water swimming in Dubai, you will want to know whether the sea is warm enough.

Thankfully, the Persian Gulf water is warm enough for swimming throughout the year. For instance, in the cold season, the temperature of the water in the Persian Gulf drops to 23°C and in the summer, it rises to up to 30°C.

Thus, whenever you visit Dubai, make sure you take a dip in the open sea. You can take extended swims on the beaches that are marked as safe for swimming.

Most people ask whether it is safe to swim in the sea in Dubai. Of course, it is. However, choose the best time to swim in the ocean. In this case, the best time is when the tide is low and the currents are not strong.

It is also best to swim close to the beach, where everyone can see you. If you are wondering about swimming with sharks, the species that come into the Persian Gulf are mostly hammerheads and other whale sharks. They feed on plankton, and they don’t attack human beings.

Are the beaches clean in Dubai?

They do not come any better than in this city. The beaches are not only clean, but they are very safe too. There are trained lifeguards on the beaches, so you are safe all the time.

The sands on the beach look wonderful, and they are warm and clean. Littering is not allowed! The changing rooms and the shower rooms are also very clean.

You might have to pay a small fee to use some of the beaches, but most of the public beaches are free of charge. For the private beaches, you will definitely have to pay, unless it belongs to the hotel where you are staying.

can you wear swimsuit in dubai

Most of the beaches have been offered the Blue Flag Status, meaning they are safe for swimming and enjoying time on the sand. To get awarded this status, a beach must meet certain standards for water safety.

What Sea is Jumeirah Beach?

Jumeirah Beach is one of the most popular outdoor tourist destinations in Dubai. Beach revelers can enjoy the warm sands and waters of the Persian Gulf from 7.30 AM to 10.00 PM on all days apart from Thursday and Friday.

Jumeirah Beach is on the Persian Gulf, which, as we said, has its waters warm almost throughout the year. Thus, you can swim in the sea even during the cold season.

At the same time, you can ask the lifeguards whether it is possible to swim at night, especially since the beach closes at 10.00 PM.

Jumeirah Beach has been given Blue Flag status. Thus, it is safe to swim. There is a promenade of shops and eateries, so you should not feel hungry.

Close to Jumeirah Beach is a park that has a children’s playground, garden, barbecue area, and more facilities.

You should enjoy full-blown fun at Jumeirah Beach.

How much is swimming in Dubai?

How much is swimming in Dubai

If you do not know how to swim, you can learn how to swim for a small fee. Some swimming courses are really cheap, starting at as little as 68 AED. On average, a class takes about 50 minutes.

If you have moved to Dubai to work there, you can take a longer swimming course, which can cost more than 400 AED for 30 days. This is just the average, as some courses can cost much more and some much less.

Can you swim in Kite Beach?

You can swim at Kite Beach. One of the reasons why it is so popular with tourists is because there is no entrance fee.

The second reason is that the beach is open 24 hours a day. However, the lifeguards are only going to be available between 8.00 AM and 6.00 PM. Therefore, if you go swimming out of that range, you will be on your own.

If you have been asking: Is Kite Beach free? It is free of charge. It is also a clean beach with Blue Flag status. You will be safe when swimming there.

Final Thoughts: Swimming in Dubai

Swimming in Dubai is a lot of fun. The dress code for your beachwear is quite relaxed, but you should keep it confined to the beach.

You can also enjoy different types of swimming experiences in Dubai. For instance, you can dive with sharks in the aquarium in Dubai Mall.

Recently, they opened the deepest swimming pool in the world, deeper than 60 meters. If that is your kind of thing, you should go and have fun.

Called Deep Dive Dubai, you will have an unforgettable experience. This earned it the status of the World’s Deepest Pool after ousting Poland, whose deepest pool is 45 meters.

As you swim in the UAE, remember to have other kinds of indoor and outdoor fun too.

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