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Can Board Shorts Be Used For Swimming? Big Yes!

If you are a water sports enthusiast, you will have to square with the question: Can board shorts be used for swimming?

Most of the time, you will have to choose between board shorts and swim trunks. In some cases, people ask: are board shorts swim trunks? Clearly, lots of light needs to be shed on this topic.

So can you wear board shorts for swimming? You can use your board shorts for swimming without any trouble. While they are for surfers and stand up paddle boarders, many people prefer swimming in them because they also allow easy movement on the beach. However, it is best not to use board shorts when competing professionally.

When choosing what to wear for swimming, you have to consider your needs. For example, if you are swimming with dolphins in the ocean, high-waisted board shorts would be much better because they give you the flexibility to walk on the beach.

Best Board Shorts for swimming

There are so many board shorts for swimming on the market. Some are for men and some for women. If you are a serious water sports enthusiast, the right swimming attire is important for swimming in the pool as well as in the ocean. A nice pair of these shorts is vital to your collection of swimming gear.

The multi-purpose nature of these shorts makes them such a darling for many people.

Here are a few pairs and a brief description of their important features:

1. G Gradual Women’s High-Waisted Swim Board Shorts


The high-waisted design of this pair of board shorts makes them appropriate for women who have a slightly large tummy.

They are easy to wear though, so you won’t struggle to get into them if you are fat, like what you would experience when wondering how to wear a swimsuit with stretch marks, or how to wear a non padded swimsuit. It is simple to wear; just slip it on.

The high waist is in the form of a strong but comfortable elastic band. This keeps your tummy in control as you stroll along the beach or swim. You can even engage in vigorous activity on the beach, and you will look awesome with everything under control.

The material used to make this pair of shorts is polyester, which makes it fast-drying, and sand does not stick to the material. It is also breathable, so it allows good airflow over your skin.

These board shorts repel water, and they have some form of protection against the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Thus, it is never going to fade.

Not only are these board shorts good swimwear to wear without hair showing, but they also come with double side pockets, which have drain holes to help in fast drying.

2. Nonwe Men’s Sportwear Board Shorts with Lining


These shorts look so dashing, and they come in different colors to meet all tastes. Their knee-length design makes them good enough for strolling around town, paired with walking shoes or sandals.

And yes, they have a lining, which makes them super incredible. You know how complicated the male crotch anatomy is, and that makes it hard to be contained in loose shorts without wearing underwear.

But with these shorts, which are made with polyester to make them fast-drying, they have a comfortable lining, which keeps everything in its place. You are going to feel comfortable even when you wear it for many hours.

These board shorts are super breathable, so you enjoy good airflow on the skin. This also prevents excess sweating. In any case, even after sweating in the crotch area, the lining is going to wick that sweat away from the skin.

Convenient features include the drawstring closure that makes it stay in place on the waist, which is very important when you are surfing. It also comes with a side pocket to hold your utilities.

3. Hurley Men’s One Board short


These board shorts come with 100 percent polyester material, so their durability is not in question at all. They also come with other nice features, such as a large cargo pocket that can hold a cell phone and other small items.

The tie closure makes them secure on your waist when you engage in vigorous activity such as surfing, wakeboarding, or stand-up paddleboarding. And that is not all because it also comes with a high-quality Fly closure.

They are 22 inches long! Well, some people say the indicated size is not the actual size, but that the latter is more like 21 inches. Still, this kind of length for a board short is incredible.

These shorts are anti-cling, so they will not stick to your skin ridiculously when you get out of the water and send weird glances your way. Remember, they do not have a lining, so clinging could make them a bit awkward for men.

Lastly, you can machine-wash or hand-wash the pair of shorts, depending on where you are. The superb workmanship keeps them in great shape all year, whether you use them in a saltwater or chlorine pool.

Swim Trunks vs. Board Shorts: Which Is Better?

This really depends on your taste. It also depends on your level of swimming.

For instance, board shorts for swimming would be a bit prohibitive when you are competing in the pool.

Therefore, we really cannot compare board shorts vs swim trunks because they are not the same product.

What are swim trunks?


Swimming trunks is a pair of short, loose boxer-type shorts that you can wear for swimming. They are made that way to allow a lot of movement and flexibility in the water.

These shorts are not only good for swimming, but boxers, runners, and other track event participants can wear them.

Swim trunks also have a meshed lining, which helps to hold the male “goodies” intact and in place. The meshing also allows air circulation when you are not swimming but you wear the trunks on a hot day.

What are board shorts?


Board shorts are just that—shorts that are long, reaching almost to the knee, and are associated with beach wear.

Manufacturers usually use fast-drying nylon and/or polyester material. Originally, they are for surfing, but then you can use them for different water sports such as swimming, stand-up paddleboarding, snorkeling, and so on.

What are board shorts used for? Basically, they are the one-for-all kind of shorts. For instance, you can even wear them as part of your casual wear in summer.

Clearly, buying a pair of board shorts might be the best decision you will ever make for your wardrobe.

Are board shorts for swimming? Benefits

Are board shorts for swimming

Since board shorts are long enough, they can protect your thighs properly from debris in the ocean as well as from the UV rays of the sun.

When comparing board shorts vs swim trunks, you will find that the latter can be more restrictive because they fit tighter.

The board shorts, on the other hand, are loose and long. Therefore, they can ride up your thighs when swimming to allow you to kick.

Board shorts are for just about everything! You can use them as casual beachwear, paddleboards, swimwear, and so on. You will find that swimming trunks don’t offer this kind of flexibility and multi-purpose use.

Board shorts are made with breathable and quick-drying material. Therefore, they are easy to keep clean all the time, and at the same time, they allow air circulation. You will find this factor very important during the hot summer months.

Please note that board shorts can feel a bit abrasive on the skin. Therefore, you might want to wear swimwear instead of board shorts. The mesh-lined board shorts might feel a bit uncomfortable. Try them before your beach day so that you can prep them well.

Are board shorts meant for swimming?

Board shorts are the many-things-in-one type of swimwear, mostly for men, but even women can wear them.

You can use these shorts for swimming, wearing them on the beach for certain games like beach volleyball, camping and others.

You can also use board shorts for water sports like stand-up paddleboarding. They are the multi-purpose swimming attire for men.

By design, the board shorts are made for active involvement in different types of watersports. They come in knee-length designs, so you can even wear them when strolling to town in summer.

These shorts also come with utility pockets to store your items, with some coming with up to four pockets. It could have one or two pockets secured with a zip and a back pocket secured with Velcro tape.

The material of choice is polyester, which cleans easily and dries fairly fast. Therefore, the boardies are easy to maintain.

Board shorts are mainly intended for surfing, but you can also use them for swimming. While they will not give you the advantage of reduced drag as you would get with swimming trunks with compression liner, they are not too bad.

Can you wear board shorts over swimsuit?

Can you wear board shorts over swimsuit

You can wear board shorts any way you want. If you want to wear them over the bikini bottom, go ahead and wear them.

If you are a woman and you have the best swimsuit for sagging breasts, you can wear board shorts over the bikini bottoms when walking on the beach. Don’t remove the swimsuit.

You can even wear the board shorts with your underwear if you like. Most of them are not designed with mesh linings, so you can wear them with your underpants as well.

While you cannot wear underwear under a wetsuit or a swimsuit, you can wear it under board shorts.

But if whatever you wear under the shorts does not work the same way as they do, it might retain water and cause the board shorts to balloon, thus inhibiting motion in the water.

Some board shorts, especially those targeted at men might come with a mesh lining. This meshed lining helps to hold the male anatomy in place. You can read more about it in our article on why swim trunks have netting.


To the question of: Can board shorts be used for swimming, the answer is yes. The only time that you cannot wear these shorts for swimming is when you are competing. You can also wear board shorts that look like shorts for beach activities.

You will love them!

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